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Thinking About God (3rd Edition)

Fisher Humphreys

This is a much enlarged and revised edition of a book first published in 1974 and revised in 1994. It has been widely used as a study book in churches and as a textbook in college and seminary classes. The author is Professor of Divinity, Emeritus, of Samford University. The following excerpt is from the first chapter:

The word “theology” is used in several different ways today, and it is a waste of time to argue about how it ought to be used. What I can do is to tell you how I intend to use it. I use it to mean thinking about God. When we are thinking about God, we are doing theology.

All Christians think about God. This means that all Christians have a theology; they all have some ideas about God. This is a good thing because, just as war is too important to be left to the generals, so theology is too important to be left to the academic theologians. We all are entitled to think about God, even if we are amateurs. Of course, just as civilian leaders are wise to consult the generals about war, so all of us are wise to consult the academic theologians about theology.
Paperback, 336 pages, $24

A Dictionary of Doctrinal Terms: Helpful Definitions of 100 Words and Phrases

Fisher Humphreys and Philip Wise

Two longtime friends, a professor and a pastor, have written this book of brief essays on one hundred of the most important words and phrases used by the Christian church today to communicate its faith. The essays range from one or two paragraphs to four pages. The writing is clear and non-technical. The authors hope the book will serve as a resource for pastors, Sunday School teachers, and lay persons.
Paperback, 131 pages, $12

God So Loved the World: Traditional Baptists and Calvinism

Fisher Humphreys and Paul Robertson

Calvinism is making something of a comeback in some Baptist circles. The authors respect Calvinism, but they provide traditional Baptists with good reasons for retaining the interpretation of the Bible that has been held by most Baptists during the past century.
Paperback, 102 pages, $12

Speaking in Tongues

Fisher Humphreys and Malcolm Tolbert

In this very readable volume the authors employ a question-and-answer format to describe the Pentecostal and charismatic movements, their theology, and their understanding of the New Testament. While friendly toward these Christian renewal movements, the authors make a case for remaining outside them.
Paperback, 94 pages, $12

For Faith and Friendship

Fisher Humphreys, T. J. Mashburn, Richard F. Wilson, Editors

About 1990 some Christian theologians and ministers began meeting informally to discuss theology and ministry. Over the years they developed a strong sense of community, so that their conversations eventually included matters of friendship as well as of faith. Readers of the book will effectively have access to a conversation that took place across almost two decades by a group of informed persons who are intensely committed to the gospel of Christ and to his church.
Paperback, 160 pages, $20

The Heart of Prayer

Fisher Humphreys

Guided by Jesus’ command, “When you pray say ‘Our Father,’” the author came to the conclusion that what we have always taught our children about prayer is right: prayer is talking to God who listens and responds because God loves us. Humphreys traces out the implications of this understanding of prayer for prayers of worship, thanksgiving, confession, commitment, request, and complaint.
Paperback, 96 pages, $10

Nineteenth Century Evangelical Theology

Fisher Humphreys, Editor

The editor used the criteria of readability and contemporary relevance as he chose the 56 readings by 32 authors which make up this large volume.
Paperback, 416 pages, $20

Roundtable: Conversations with European Theologians

Michael Bauman

In these conversations Michael Bauman asks eleven distinguished European theologians penetrating questions about various subjects including doubt in our time, creeds, the gospel, the church’s problems, a good life, and a good death. T
Paperback, 156 pages, $16