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Smoke over Mississippi

Oren Renick

Smoke over Mississippi is the fascinating story of a little-known, unsung hero. William Penn Davis was a Baptist preacher employed by the historically white Mississippi Baptist Convention as a liaison with black Baptists in the state. For years he worked energetically to build bridges of understanding and friendship between black and white Mississippi Baptists. Then, while driving home from a meeting at a black Baptist church, he was stopped by a group of racists, dragged from his car, and beaten. He refused to report the event to the police because to do so would have stirred up even more anger and hatred in the already-tense state. Instead he helped to create an organization, funded by white Baptists and others, to re-build black churches which had been burned by the Klan. Davis was an exemplar of moral vision and courage.
Paperback, 144 pages, $16

What’s Right with the Church

William H. Willimon

We live in an era which the church experiences relentless criticism. The Dean of the Chapel at Duke University has written an enormously encouraging and wise book reminding us about things that are right about the church.
Paperback, 147 pages, $16

As You Go: Biblical Foundations for Evangelism

D. Waylon Bailey

In this readable book Dr. Bailey displays some of the biblical themes that provide support for the church’s efforts to share the good news of God’s love.
Paperback, 118 pages, $10

Prayers of the People

Bridget Rose, Editor

Prayers of the People is a collection of prayers that were offered during worship services by the people and ministers of Baptist Church of the Covenant in Birmingham and by a few guest preachers. They were published on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Sarah Jackson Shelton's becoming pastor of the church, and in her honor. Three members of the congregation listened to recordings of all of the worship services during the decade and transcribed all of the prayers. One of them, Bridget Rose, selected for inclusion in the book one prayer by every individual who led in prayer in one of those 500+ services, resulting in a collection of 112 prayers.
Paperback, 139 pages, $17

The Preaching Event

John R. Claypool

This book comprises the Beecher Lectures on Preaching which Dr. Claypool gave at Yale Divinity School. The author emphasizes the importance of narrative and of personal transparency in the preacher’s work as reconciler, gift-giver, witness, and nurturer.
Paperback, 94 pages, $22

Who Me? Go Where? Do What?

Macklyn W. Hubbell

Macklyn Hubbell and his wife Bet have devoted several years of their lives to traveling to Christian missions abroad and providing missionaries and their families with the kind of pastoral care and counseling we have here in America. This work has given Dr. Hubbell a unique angle of vision from which to write about the important work of missionaries.
Paperback, 120 pages, $12

Helping the Hurting

Macklyn W. Hubbell

During a lifetime of Christian ministry the author has helped many hurting people, and in this winsome book he describes the ways in which encouragement and healing become available to Christian people.
Hardback, 138 pages, $15